Projects - Villas at Cheney Estates (Town Triangle)

The Town has received several applications to develop a 9.6-acre property located at the northwest corner of the Northern Avenue alignment and Scottsdale Road (Parcel No. 174-36-002X and part of 174-36-188A). The proposed development may be for up to eight single-family lots that are expected to vary in lot size between approximately 12,000 square feet to 39,000 square feet. These applications include the following:

  • A text amendment to Article IX, Cluster Plan District, of the Town’s Zoning Ordinance, to allow for modifications to the cluster plan provisions for this proposed development such as lot size, height measurement, and setbacks. The gross density will comply with the minimum one home per acre.
  • A rezoning to change the zoning district from “R-43 Single Family Residential District” (minimum 43,560 square-foot lots) and “Special Use Permit – Country Club and Golf Course” to the “R-43 Single Family Residential District Cluster Plan” (minimum 12,000 square-foot lots).
  • A Preliminary Plat for eight 12,000 square-foot to 39,000 square-foot lots.
  • A Conditional Use Permit to make the road(s) within the proposed subdivision private.
  • A Special Use Permit (SUP) for private roadway gates off Scottsdale Road onto the main access road of the proposed subdivision.
  • A request for two entry subdivision wall signs.

Except for the Conditional Use Permit, the Planning Commission action is a recommendation to Town Council. Action may include approval, approval with stipulations, denial, or continuance. If you have questions about these applications, please call the Community Development Department at (480) 348-3574.

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